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District Transport Office : Yupia                    FAQ 

Issue of Driving License:-

Prior to issue of driving license, the learner’s license is issued. The condition and requirement for learner’s license is-

Application FormNo.2.

Medical certificate-A-1, 2(B)

Age certificate.

Permanent and Present address with Proof license:-

(a)  Election Card/Ration Card/I.D. Card issued by department or telephone and electrical bill/PRC/Class-X passed Certificate.

In Person

Rs.-55/- Treasury challan,(H/a”0041” MV Tax)

Age 17 years.

Indian National

Signal test is held. 

After holding the Learners License for 6 month he/she is eligible to apply for affective driving License.

Form No……4…. Enclosed learner license.

Rs.200/- by Treasury Challan,(H/A-“0041”MV Tax)

Bring the class of vehicle you want to drive.

 Driving test is conducted at every last working day of the monh.

After practical driving test the viva-vice on traffic signal and road safety is held.

Hence State registers of driving License are maintained. 

Qualifications and conditions for conductor license:-

Citizen of India.

One must be matriculate.

First Aid training certificate from Govt. Medical Officer.

Rs.55/-(H/A-“0041” MV Tax)

Personal appearance.

Written test and viva-voice is conducted and license is issued to successful candidate.

Registration of vehicle:-

(1)  Sales certificate form-21, with roadworthiness certificate form-22.

Insurance certificate (Xerox copy)

Permanent and present address with proof like:-

(a)  Election Card/Ration Card/I.D. Card issued by department or telephone and electrical bill etc.

Road tax may be paid as follows:-


Private Vehicles (one time tax) 15 yrs.

Two Wheelers not exceeding 100 kg in weight Rs.2000 +90 =2090/-

Two Wheelers exceeding 100 kg to 135kg =                Rs.3090/-

Two wheelers more than 135 kg                                   Rs.=3590/-

Four wheelers personalized vehicle:-

Original cost price up to                                                Rs.3 lakhs ,2.5%

Original cost price above                                              Rs.3 to 5 lakhs ,2.70%

Original cost price above                                              Rs.5 to 10 lakhs ,3%

Original cost price above                                              Rs.10 to15 lakhs, 3.5%

Original cost price above                                              Rs.15 to 18 lakhs, 4%

Original cost price above                                              Rs.18 to20 lakhs, 4.5%

Original cost price above                                              Rs.20 lakhs ,6.5%

(viii) Old vehicles requiring---------                one time tax to be fixed after allowing a

      to be registered in A.P                            depreciation @ 7% P/M on the Tax

      on transferred from another                     payable for a new vehicle of the same

      State.                                                 Category at the current cost price.

 Type of Vehicle                        Registration fee             Inspection fee   H/P (Bank)

LMV                                       Rs.200/-                  Rs.100/-          Rs.100/-

MMV                                       Rs.300/-                        Rs.200/-              Rs.100/-

HMV                                       Rs.600/-                        Rs.300/-              Rs.100/-

Public service vehicle                Reg. fee.            Insp. fee         H/P                  Road Tax

(i)   Three wheeler Auto            Rs.100/-           Rs.50/-         Rs.100/-           Rs.800/-

(ii)  Three wheeler Tempo          Rs.100/-           Rs.50/-          Rs.100/-           Rs.1600/-

(iii) Four whelers—carring capacity upto 6person License to operate in one city or region road tax  Rs.2400/-annually other fees same as pvt. Vehicle.

(iv) Four wheeler vehicle—carring capacity 6 person or less,License to operate all over the state, road tax- Rs.4000/- annually and other fee same as above.


Public Transport vehicle only:-

HMV Rs.400/-

MMV Rs.300/-

LMV Rs.200/-

Auto Rs.100/-

Public carrier and Private Carrier (Truck/Pickup van):-

(1) Pay Load 1 M.T. or less                 Rs:-1500/-

(2)  Pay Load of 1 to 3M.T.                  Rs: -3000/-     

(3)  Pay Load of 3 to 9 M.T.                 Rs:-3000+500/- additional tone

(4)  Pay Load more than 9 M.T.            Rs:-7000/-+100/- additional tone

(5)  Pay load more than 12 M.T            Rs:-8000/-+250/- for every additional

            & above                                                                                              

The above tax are excluding of fees. 

Issue of NOC of Vehicle: -

Conditions: - 

(1) R.C. Book tax up to date.

(2) Insurance paper.

Police report.

Rs.100 by Treasury Challan (H/A-“0041” MV Tax)

From No…. 28…

Change of ownership: -

Conditions: -

(1) Form No.29 &30 to be filled up.

(2) affidavit on Non-Judicial Stamp paper dully signed by any magistrate of Arunachal Pradesh.

RC book with valid road tax with insurance if it is commercial.

Clearance certificate from concern financer if so.

Re-assignment of registered vehicle in the other state.

Registration Certificate

NOC from original registering Authority 

NOC from the SP’s NCRB branch of the district where the vehicle is to be re-registered.

Form no 27 to be accompanied with the documents.

Fees:- (a) Two wheeler Rs.60/- (b) LMV Rs.200/- (c) MMV/HMV Rs.600/- 

Alteration: - If the engine No. of any vehicle is to be changed or alter may report to DTO/RTO with the certificate from garage accompany by vehicle for records. Besides that cancellation and revocation of R.C. Book is maintained. Fee Rs.100/-

Control of Transport Vehicles (Truck) 

Permits:-Every transport vehicle must have plying permit. Permit for District is issued by DTO or Secretary Regional Transport Authority and permit for inter-state and inter-District is issued by director of Transport or Secretary State Transport Authority of the State.

Permit of Bus:-DTO or Secretary regional Transport Authority issue permit for local and District only. Permit for covering more than two district and State are issued by director Transport or Secretary State Transport Authority,Cancelation and Revocation of permit are also maintained.

Agents License:-

Agents License for operating booking counter for public service vehicles are granted and maintained.

Fees:-( a) Rs.5000/- by Treasury challan (b) rs.5000/- for security and renewal of License Rs.5000/-annualy Construction of vehicles body equipment and maintenance of motor vehicles are look after by this department. Control of traffic like Weight,Size and Speed are cheked.traveling without bus ticket is also checked.

The above information have been made as short as possible for immediate use of customers.All care has ben taken to publish correct data.However,department will not be responsible for any errors and the correctness should be verified from DTO Papum pare.

For further information’s please contact the following officers.

(1) Ms. Sumedha,Director of Transport,Govt.of Arunachal Pradesh,Naharlagun.

Telephone No.03602211204®,2248133 (O) 

(2) Shri Charu Tayam, Assistant Director Transport, Naharlagun.

Telephone No.03602245028(O) 

(3)Shri Padang Sangyu,DTO/RTO,Yupia-Itanagar.

Telephone No.2284912           (o) ,R-2248096 

(4)Shri Techi Tukap,MVI Yupia.

Telephone No.2284912           (o) 2248789 ( R)

(5)Shri H.Wangha,E I,Yupia.

Mobile No       9436045282 

Motor vehicle Tax is paid at State Bank of India branch Itanagar and Naharlagun through Treasury Office in treasury challan with the countersignature of EAC Itanagar,EAC Naharlagun and DTO Yupia.The rates of tax of different categories of vehicles are available with the above authorized officers. Hence it is requested to general concerned to avail the facilities made available in the website of nic deputy Commissioner office Papumpare district Yupia.





District Transport Officer